Creative, Fresh Foods to Enhance Any Occasion

Friday October 20th

Cooked on the egg today:
– roast beef
– salmon
– smoked turkey
– tilapia


Broth: Pazole
Cream: Cheesy Broccoli
Heart Healthy: Veggie Chili (Gluten Free) (Dairy Free)

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Creative, Fresh Foods to Enhance Any Occasion

Who We Are

Fancy Pantry began in July 1997 as a small sandwich/salad shop. All of our food has always been created on premise including our signature salad dressings, sauces and desserts. The business grew very quickly and in May 2000, Fancy Pantry doubled in size. We currently prepare food for approximately 800 customers per day, with our five catering vans delivering about half of this food.

Over the years, Fancy Pantry has evolved into a full-scale restaurant serving fresh pastas, quesadillas, sandwiches and salads. Our catering has also grown into a full- service professional catering business that can provide everything from a picnic for two to a lunch for 100. We are proud to cater weddings, social and corporate gatherings – both in an office setting or in a private home/clubhouse.

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Daily Soups & Specials

Monday October 23rd


Broth: Pazole

Cream: Cheesy Broccoli

Heart Healthy: Veggie Chili (Gluten Free) (Dairy Free)(Vegetarian)